But?! A Word That Prevents You From Being Present & Makes Others Mistrust You.

Last week, I got to chat with the 250 women who attended the Salvation Army’s Annual Executive Women’s Networking Breakfast in Memphis.

We talked about the relationship between language & psychology -- & how you can transform your life experience simply by changing the words that you use.

The topic is based on something I’ve learned over my last decade of working with the world’s most disruptive technology startups, traditional enterprises, and even some non-profit organizations:

About a dozen seemingly-insignificant word choices create a chasm between content strategies & corporate narratives that flat on their faces… or are wildly successful.

The same is true for your personal narrative: The things you tell others about who you are & the stories you tell yourself, whether you’re aware of them or not.

We experience our lives through our actions, thoughts & feelings, all of which hinge on words.

In the video below, I share one word that doesn’t just prevent you from being present; it also makes other people mistrust you.

Watch it to learn how to remove glass ceilings that you unknowingly create for yourself, simply with this one word. (I also share the powerful REPLACEMENT word you can use for this linguistic culprit.)

Here’s to developing an incredible, new vernacular as we live ourselves into lives we want.

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  1. Sonya Weathers 1 year ago Reply

    It was great hearing you speak Caitlin! I heard very positive feedback from the women at my table. There is so much truth in your message. I personally have tried to change my way of thinking to reflect more positive thoughts over the past week- even when I am faced with negativity around me. I was deeply inspired and I plan to dive into your book over the coming weekend. Thanks again for being an amazing woman! We have to support each other!

    • Caitlin 11 months ago Reply

      You’re incredible, Sonya. Look at you take action immediately. I totally agree — the way we interact as women now shapes the future for other women. I want to be in a world I want to live in & give that to other ppl.

      Also, thank you so much for saying that. Makes me smile-glow.

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