Introducing The Radiant Feminine Podcast


One of the loveliest things about publishing a book, at least for me, has been experiencing how much other people get comfortable to share their stories -- specifically because they’ve read some of mine.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard something along the lines of:


I didn’t know someone else feels that way, too.


And then:


Oh my gosh, there was this one time...


It’s pretty awesome to be on the receiving end of someone’s trust as s/he reveals a part of him/herself. Even more awesome, though, is watching the healing & self-acceptance that people go through when they articulate the parts of themselves that are a fraction newer-and-truer than they’ve previously expressed in the world.


This is chief among the many things I adore about storytelling: It cleans individuals up on the inside, binding them with the purest parts of themselves. It also binds them with others.


The perfect one-two punch.


Which leads me to...


The Radiant Feminine podcast

A place for these stories to get told.

The Radiant Feminine podcast celebrates each woman's journey of trusting herself & coming into her own. Stories, tools, tips, songs, whatever. Our format & subject matters are as varied as the women who listen to us. We are fascinated by how women share stories & embody their intuition -- it’s a framework we want to evangelize to the entire world!


Because of this, TRF functions on three beliefs:


  1. The most radiant parts of ourselves we are already. The radiant feminine fully shows herself within an appreciative community, so we give her acceptance, safety & support


  1. We live ourselves into the lives we want. Period.


  1. The radiant feminine exists in all humans, not just women. That's another way of saying our narrative involves guys who place value on that same energy in themselves & celebrate it in others.


Length & Style


Our five- to 20-minute conversations are relaxed & supportive -- Think Chicken Soup For The Soul. Research shows how much life-calm people gain through journaling; the same goes for conversational storytelling. TRF is designed to have the same therapeutic effect.
Topics Guests talk about their everyday lives -- How they met their partners, ended relationships, are raising their kids. Handled cultural, family, and/or personal norms. Worked less, played more. Are starting a business. Are prioritizing sleep.
Guests (Gasp) every day people. We need more of these voices in the global conversation!


Some guests share their names; others remain anonymous. Sometimes, we even host significant others &/or the (fairly mature) children of women who fit the above criteria.



Usually one-on-one recorded conversations, via Skype, Google Hangout or in person. The channel we select depends on the person's comfort level.


Who is Caitlin Roberson, TRF’s host?

Oh blah, I knew you’d ask that. Check out my LinkedIn if you must.


Why this podcast?

Many wellness brands focus on what people should & shouldn't do, on looking externally for answers. This podcast examines the effortless wisdom that resides inside each woman.



Check out the inaugural Radiant Feminine podcast episode here.



We will keep you up to date on when the CR Insider will be available, and send your first copy when it's finished.